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Phyllanthus niruri extracts benefit the liver and protect it. According to modern scientific research - Its protein fractions protected liver tissues against oxidative stress by improving antioxidative defense in mice. Phyllanthus niruri extracts demonstrate lipid lowering activities in cholesterol fed hyperlipemic rats. Phyllanthus niruri may lower blood pressure. Phyllanthus niruri benefits people with kidney stones. Its intake interferes with the growth of calcium oxalate crystals. Phyllanthus niruri normalizes elevated urinary calcium levels in calcium stone forming (CSF) patients.


Traditionally, Phyllanthus niruri has been used as a home remedy in many countries. Its curative properties are well known. It helps in restricting the growth of hepatitis B virus found in the blood stream. The herb is said to have antifungal, antiviral and hypoglycemic action. Aqueous extract of Phyllanthus niruri is reported to have inhibitory effect on human immunodeficiency virus. It’s very useful in the treatment of liver diseases like jaundice and liver cirrhosis. It helps to remedy fatty liver and liver damage due to any reason. It promotes liver action. It is also said to be used in the case of anorexia. It is diuretic and hence is used in urinary tract infections and bacterial infections like cystitis and prostatitis.

In 'Bhuiaonla (Phyllanthus niruri): A Useful Medicinal Weed' by Pankaj Oudhia, the author lists the following health benefits of the herb.

“The infusion of the root and leaves is a good tonic and diuretic when taken cold in repeated doses. A poultice of the leaves with salt cures scabby disorder of the skin. The poultice can also be applied on a bruise and wound without salt. The fresh root is believed to be an excellent remedy for jaundice. The milky juice of the plant is a good remedy to apply on offensive skin sores. According to Unani system of medicine, the herb is a stomachic and is useful in chronic dysentery. The fruits of the plant are useful for tubercular ulcers, wounds, sores, scabies and ring worm. A decoction of the whole plant is a very good remedy against malarial fever.

It can be used to increase the appetite and locally to relieve inflammations. The leaves and root have great medicinal value for the treatment of jaundice. The juice of the roots along with milk consumed twice a day - early in the morning and at bedtime, is a good cure for jaundice. Infusion of young shoots is an effective cure to treat dysentery.


Fresh juice of the whole plant along with clarified butter is very effective in the treatment of Menorrhagia, Leucorrhea and Gonorrhea. Consuming a spoon of fresh juice from the plant along with natural cane sugar and cumin seeds helps to mitigate pain in urination. The whole plant also contains potassium. Regular intake of a small quantity of leaves in the morning on an empty stomach helps to get rid of the toxins.”

According to an article on the health benefits of Phyllanthus niruri in 'NAMAH' The Journal of Integral Health, "In the Konkan region, the root is ground down with rice water (conjee) and given as a remedy for menorrhagia or excessive menstrual flow." The website 'rain-tree (dot) com' says, "A standard herb infusion or weak decoction is prepared as the traditional remedy. Depending on what it's employed for, 1-3 cups are taken daily. Prevention and health maintenance dosages for kidney stones are reported by practitioners to be 1-3 cups weekly while 3-4 cups daily are used to expel existing stones."

Phyllanthus niruri as a Promising Alternative Treatment for Nephrolithiasis - Phyllanthus niruri as a Promising Alternative Treatment for Nephrolithiasis

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