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Personal Care




Are you aware of Avarampoo (Avaram Senna) and its overall health benefits?? It’s an herb that has the ability to treat diabetes.

Avarampoo, Cassia Auriculata or Senna Auriculata or tanners cassia is a legume tree which yields bright yellow flowers. As the flowers grow in beautiful bunches it is used for landscaping home gardens and roadways. Apart from the beauty the flowers provide a number of health benefits. Parts of the plant, leaf, flower, bark, seed root and gum are used in different branches of Indian medicine.

The flowers alone provide many health benefits. There is an old saying that the flowers of senna auriculata are life savers emphasize the usefulness of the flower.

Aavaram Poo also called Avarampoo in Tamil is a very popular shrub here in Tamil Nadu. It has amazing health benefits, medicinal uses, and skin and hair care benefits. Besides, treating diabetes, it has various other properties that promotes overall health. It also aids in maintaining the body temperature when it is consumed as a tea. It also has skin whitening properties which would help to whiten your skin tone!!

Avarampoo tea made by steeping the flowers is also widely consumed for it’s amazing health benefits. Aavaram poo powder got by drying the flowers and leaves is widely used in skin care. Avarampoo leaf extract has been proven to aid weight loss as it has anti-obesity properties.


avaram poo1

1. AVARAMPOO TEA: To make Avarampoo tea, take enough palm candy and cardamom seeds from one cardamom pod and pound them both together in a mortar and pestle along with 2 tbsp of dried Avarampoo. Boil a cup of organic whole milk in a pan, add this powder and when it comes to a boil switch off. This tea has a mild sweet taste and if you find that the tea is very thick, you can use half cup milk and half cup water for making this simple tea. This tea can be made without milk too.

2. AVARAMPOO FOR HAIR: In South India, it is a common practice to collect the fresh Avarampoo leaves, grind to paste and use it for hair wash just like hibiscus leaves. Avarampoo powder can be added to hair wash powder recipes. Avarampoo is added to hair oil preparations, you can little bit of Avarampoo to any herbal hair oil preparations.

3. AVARAMPOO FACE WASH POWDER FOR GLOWING SKIN: Avarampoo is wonderful for using in external application and it treats many skin problems. It keeps the skin from infections and the best way to use it for external application is by including it in face wash powder. This face wash powder has been used by Indian women for years and this face wash powder prevents black spots, treats uneven skin tone and regular use keeps the skin blemish free. This face wash powder has got 6 amazing ingredients – Avarampoo, bengal gram dal, urad dal, kasthuri manjal, vetiver and organic rose petals. Bengal gram dal and urad dal are amazing cleansers, vetiver is a natural coolant and prevents boils on the skin, Avarampoo and kasthuri manjal prevents infections in the skin. This powder is also very fragrant and is wonderful for all types of skin. This face wash powder like most recipes in this blog, needs plenty of sunlight for sun drying. If the ingredients are not sun dried properly, you will not be able to powder it finely. Grinding the mixture to a very smooth powder is very very important. Try to make it in small batches and use regularly to see good results. This powder can be safely used on young kids too. For boys and men, skip kasthuri manjal in the face wash powder.

Avarampoo – 50 gms
Bengal Gram Dal – 50 gms
Urad Dal – 50 gms
Vetiver – Small Bunch
Rose Petals – 50 gms
Kasthuri Turmeric – 50 gms

Collect Avarampoo flowers and rose petals and sundry till crisp. Make sure the rose petals are not sprayed with pesticides.
Sun dry Avarampoo flowers, bengal gram dal, urad dal in a plate till dry. Sun dry vetiver root, rose petals and kasthuri manjal till crisp.
Powder everything together well and sieve to get a very fine powder. Store in an airtight box and use daily.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Powder it immediately after sun drying, while the ingredients are still crisp from sun drying. Make sure to sieve to get a fine powder. Use pesticide free paneer variety rose petals for it’s amazing fragrance.

4. AVARAMPOO DIABETES DRINK: Take one table spoon dry tanner's cassia flowers. Add the dry flowers to blender. Blend it. Collect the powder. Take 100ml of water and add 1 teaspoon of tanner's cassia powder to it. Add one teaspoon of honey for taste. Mix well. Your Tea is ready!

Avarampoo tea


1. GLOWING SKIN: It had been used by Indian women to enhance the glow of the skin, to keep the skin even and to remove the black spots in the skin. The dried flower is mixed with curd and applied on the face as a mask and also used as face wash to brighten the skin and enhance the beauty of the body. Click here to know how to use it on your facial skin.

2. REMOVES BAD ODOR: The flower emits fragrance on account of which it is applied over the body to remove the body odor. The powder is used for both dry and moist skin to prevent boils and infections on the skin.

3. TEA: Avarampoo powder is used in preparation of herbal tea. It not only protects the skin but also purifies the blood. The tea also quenches thirst besides hydrating the body.

4. UTI: The juice extracted from the flowers is consumed to cure urinary tract infection and other urinary problems.

5. BACTERIAL INVENTIONS IN EYES: Due to its antibacterial property, avarampoo is used to cure gonorrhoea and infections in the eyes including conjunctivitis.

6. TREATS FEVER: The flower decoction is given to children to cure fever. As the flower do not contain toxins or other chemicals as in other types of remedies it is harmless.

7. TREATS DIABETES: Consumption of the powder dissolved in water or the herbal tea prepared from it has the potential to regulate the blood sugar levels. The herbal tea is prepared by adding small quantities of cardamom and jaggery to the flower powder. Using palm candy as a substitute for jaggery is more beneficial particularly for people with high blood sugar levels. Milk may be added to the tea decoction given to children. Adults may take the tea directly or diluted with water.

8. HYDRATES BODY: While the regular caffeinated tea dehydrates the body, this herbal tea works the opposite way by hydrating the body well. By consuming the same early mornings in empty stomach, it boosts the insulin level in the body. It is very beneficial to diabetics since its regular consumption do not produce any side effects. Moreover, for diabetic persons the flower tea quenches the thirst nicely.

9. REDUCES BLOOD SUGAR: A research study published has recorded that consumption of 0.45gm per Kg body weight for 30 days significantly reduce the blood sugar level in addition to enhancing secretion of insulin. Click here to know how to make milkshake using avarampoo.

10. IMPROVES LIVER HEALTH: Gastrointestinal disorders are removed by the flower. In addition to protecting the intestinal tract, the flower products can protect the liver. The detoxifying agents present in the flower strengthens the liver functions in addition to preventing liver disorders.

11. REDUCES INFLAMMATION IN EYES: The fried flowers are used as a bandage on the eyes to keep the eyes cool and remove redness and inflammation in the eyes. The paste of the flowers can be directly applied in the eyes to cure eye sores. It is to be noted that eye sores even with formation of pus is cured by such bandage. The flower has an excellent cooling effect on the body. The fact that in rural areas people working in hot sun used to place the flowers on their head to escape from the heat of the sun is ample proof of the cooling property of the flowers.

12. ANTI-BACTERIAL AND ANTI-MICROBIAL: Fresh flower extract has antimicrobial property and is consumed to cure urinary tract infection, typhoid and cholera which are caused by microbial infections. Saponins present in the flower have antimicrobial property which is responsible in curing the above ailments. Its antimicrobial property also comes in handy as antidote for food poisoning too.

13. MENSTRUATION: The flower extract regulates the menstrual cycle in addition to removing the pain related to menstruation and reducing excess menstrual flow.

14. PREVENTS CONSTIPATION: The flower powder or extract has laxative property and can be consumed to facilitate easy bowel movement and to prevent constipation.

15. CURES ULCERS: The flower powder, paste or extract has healing property which cures ulcers. It also increases production of blood cells and enhance blood circulation in the body.

16. REDUCES CHOLESTEROL: The flower consumption on regular basis lowers the blood cholesterol level and strengthens the overall immune system of the body.

17. IMPROVES DIGESTION: The flower powder enhances the functioning of the digestive system which in turn relieves any discomfort during digestion.


Avarampoo health drink

Avarampoo is full of antioxidants. Herbal drink with avarampoo tastes good and is one of the best substitutes for caffeinated drinks.

The main problem with caffeinated drinks is that they are very dehydrating, this avarampoo drink is just the opposite, it hydrates the body well. In the olden days, when people walked for a long distance under the hot sun, they used to carry a bundle of avarampoo (Tanner’s – Cassia in English) on their heads to keep their body cool and prevent the body from getting dehydrated.

Collect fresh avarampoo flowers, clean it well and dry under hot sun till crispy and store it in an airtight bottle.

To make avarampoo drink,
Take palm sugar-2 tbsp.
Cardamom seeds – 1/4 tea spoon, (if cold persists, add pepper)
Make it to a powder form along with 2 tsp. of dried avarampoo.
Boil milk or water, add this powder. This drink has the mild sweet taste. It keeps the skin and body healthy, is very good for diabetic patients (they can skip the palm sugar in the recipe), treats excessive thirst and painful urination very effectively.
In Siddha & Ayurveda Medical Science, people use Avarampoo for diabetes, eye infections (conjunctivitis), joint and muscle pain (rheumatism), constipation, jaundice, liver disease, and urinary tract disorders.

As a word of caution for diabetics, who are already taking other medicines for lowering their blood sugar levels need to carefully monitor the sugar level on consumption of avarampoo herbal tea as it has the potential to lower the blood sugar level significantly.




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