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Asucre Pure Herbals is established in the year 2016, registered with MSME, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (Reg. Number – UDYAM-TN-02-0108333), as one of the leading supplier and exporter of vegan medicines, herbs, spices, health care products, health supplements, beauty and personal care, sexual wellness, herbal powders, heart care, Moringa products and among others. Asucre Pure Herbal is a reputed leading supplier & exporter of India’s traditional herbal products, herbal medicines and Vegan Products.  

About 30 years of family and professional experience in the traditional medicine, herbalism & vegetarianism has positioned us as a renowned supplier for various leading herbal pharmaceutical companies for the domestic & export markets.  

We at Asucre Pure Herbals offer over 200 individual botanical ingredients in the form of extract powders, granules, distillates, liquids, pastes, raw herb powders, capsules, tablets, and medicated oils certified by USDA Organic, GMP, India Organic, EU Bio, FSSAI India. Our partner's high capacity manufacturing unit is capable of processing 5 metric tones of supplies per work shift.  

Herbal medicine attributes its origin to a divine source; hence its knowledge is sacred and eternal, passed down to humans for the benefit of all humanity.   

Our mission is to provide continuous health care to humankind, protect the environment and reach the end user in HERBAL way.   
Over many Herbal Products, based on ancient system of Indian medicine are benefiting the health of a large number of people worldwide.   
 The vision is to ensure that no medication is required and enhance every human immune system to protect themselves from harmful diseases.   
 As medicine is food based, "prevention is better than cure"– in a nature's way.